Dominio regiter , alias serverplan

hi everyone, I’ll explain my situation, I have hosting serverplan, and as alias I have the domain I have on register, obviously register configured with the serverplan dns, how can I configure the cdn correctly? thank you all

If you’re using Cloudflare name servers, you probably already have CDN active.

What’s the domain? domanin .
yet I have only activated my account, and left everything unchanged, I have not changed anything,

That domain is not using Cloudflare’s name servers. You need to add that domain to Cloudflare and follow the instructions.

hello, thanks for replying, so I don’t have to change the dns from my domain? , I had understood that I have to enter the 2 dns that clouflare gave me in my domain

Yes, you do have to change those two name servers.

ok perfect, I put the 2 dns, and the ip field? , I currently have
dns1 + ip
dns2 + ip,
by inserting those of cloudflare I don’t have to insert ip?

Make sure you delete your old name servers there.

If you need the IP addresses of the Cloudflare name servers, you can get them from

what search term should I enter at thank you so much

The nameserver(s) that Cloudflare assigned to you in the form of:

I entered the 2 dns that Clouflare gave me, and to retrieve the ip of the dns I relied on the tool, in which I entered the 2 dins, clicked DIG, and gave me the ip, the service is already active, the dns have spread, thanks a lot for the support

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