does not work - wkrs


Our website is now moved to squarespace, and is accesible thru
however it is not accessibel thru
The A record has an IP filled in( i dont know where it comes or where it should lead).
how could one figure out which ip should be there?
our alias works just fine.

thanks for any help


Add a CNAME for which points Usually the reverse is done but that will work too.


thanks Xaq. while trying that I get an error message saying already exists. should i delete the a record first? and then do it again?


Here’s a screenshot of a CNAME setup. You may ignore the mail and MX record.


Your entries should look like Andy’s example in records #1 and #3.

should i delete the a record first? and then do it again?

That is recommended. Also consider it takes a while (minutes to hours) for new entries to take effect according to your domain TTL. If you want to see changes instantly you can add local records (consider deleting them after test) to host file as here is shown.


hm, seems i can only add numerical ip addresses as an A record. and squarespace dosnt seem to hand out web server ip’s


Have you read this article?


wow big thanks to all of you guys for help. internet at its best!
i read a similar article. i understand this one correctly i should all those four ip as a records to my

btw, after a lot of back forth an limitation with wix similar sites we decided to go for sq-space becuase it seemed to be a good candidate. evertything went until this popped up. nothing is perfect… btw only and offtopic