Domein changed without my permissions

Last night i had some issue’s with the owner of my hosting. The company called Egghosting. Iam running with a friend a minecraft server. I bought the domein called there whas some trouble with me and the Owner of Egghosting. At the end he changend my domein. Thats on my name to my friends account without my permissions. I dont know what to do and my friend can also not controle the Domein on cloudfare. Hé changed the email of his account and more crazy stuff. I really need help what to do.

Anyone can help me?
My discord: {reacted}
Or email: {reacted}

Thanks for reading. Hope we can solve the problem

Hi @ffh.bijvoet,

That domain currently points to the following nameservers, are those not the ones listed on your Cloudflare account?

Unfortunately, if you have lost control of the domain with the registrar there is not a lot Cloudflare can do to help. If you still have access to the domain and can change the nameservers to those on your Cloudflare account, you should be able to manage the DNS here.

How do i do that. How is it even possible he can change without my permission. I dont know but i payt for it and he can take i from me without any permissions. Litte bit cranzy isint it?

Even more crazy. That kid is 12 years old and hosting is one thing and can you anything he want.

That is not right if they changed the owner of the domain without your permission, but it’s not something Cloudflare can help with. Is your domain registered with them?

Why use a hosting service owned and operated by a 12 year old, if I understand you correctly.

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