Domani showing pending DNS Pending

I changed my nameservers but, still it is showing as pending. It’s been more than 24 hours but continously it is showing pending. Domain Name ( ) My domain registrar is AWS Route53.

I can confirm that the nameservers now point at Cloudflare. Sometimes nameservers can take longer than 24h (sometimes up to 48h) to propagate, although it’s rare.

Try clicking “Check again” on Cloudflare and if that doesn’t resolve it, wait another 24h and check again.

I’m not so sure about that. The domain is registered at Gandi, and their own WHOIS show it’s not using Cloudflare name servers.

dig +trace confirms as well.

That’s odd, I see (dig NS):

;; ANSWER SECTION:		154887	IN	NS		154887	IN	NS

Perhaps there’s some sort of DNS caching/DNSSEC issue going on for me?

That’s most likely DNS records at their provider. That’s why I use +trace.

Indeed, that was it! Thanks, TIL.

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So @user20038 I’d just confirm that you’ve changed the nameservers properly at Gandi.

Gandi has a great guide to follow here: How to Change My Nameserver | Domain Names - Common Operations | Gandi Documentation — Gandi Documentation documentation

Just make sure you delete all of their default ones and use the two Cloudflare gives you.

I’m using AWS Route 53 as my domain provider (who are using Gandi as Domain Registrar). I already changed my nameservers from route53 but it is still showing pending.

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Whereas Cloudflare detects siteground nameservers.

My Nameservers already point to Cloudflare in route53.

In Route53 you don’t change them through the Zone panel.

If you indeed did register the domain you need to change the Route53 nameservers via the left panel under the Registered Domains panel, NOT from inside the Zone. Changing them inside the zone will do nothing, it’s just the way Route53 works.

So go Registered Domains → Click on your domain → nameservers in the top right hand corner, click Change → Delete the default 2-4 from whoever and enter the 2 Cloudflare ones you are given.

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