Doman transfers double billing issue

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On December 14th I transferred 4 domains to Cloudflare. My credit card was charged for each of the transfers at the time of transfer. Two days later on December 16th I received an unrecognized charge from Cloudflare. I also received an invoice (attached) that same day.

According to the invoice I received I was charged twice for the transfer of and possibly explaining the unrecognized charge as the amounts were the same as the unrecognized charge .

I have tried to reach out to billing support but according to the Senior Billing Support Specialist they do not see this as a double charge and seem to be ignoring my follow up requests so it appears that they are unwilling to investigate the matter. I also sent the Senior Billing Support Specialist a copy of the invoice (attached) and a screenshot of the charges on my credit card statement but they are not responding. This has left me feeling backed into a corner with the only apparent resolution being to file a dispute with my credit card company. Any suggestions on getting this resolved without having to file a credit card dispute?

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Can you share your ticket number with support?

Sorry, I’m new to this forum and not exactly sure what you mean by sharing the ticket number with support. Do you mean post it here in the thread, as a private message or open a new support ticket?

Sorry, I worded that badly.

I mean the support ticket where you have been discussing it, can you share the ticket ID here in the thread.

Yes certainly and thanks for clarifying. Ticket # 2669881.

Also here is a screenshot of the Charges on my Credit Card Statement.

Thank you, I’ve added this to the community escalations and hopefully someone from support will be able to review your ticket and see if they can assist you further.

I hope you get this resolved soon!

Awesome, many thanks!

So I’m not really making much progress with support. They are digging in their heals and claiming that the duplicate charge is for the additional year that is added when you transfer. So by their logic you would be charged for the transfer but your expiration date will remain the same and you will be automatically charged a second time to extend the registration by a year. If this is a new policy this would definitely make Cloudflare one of the most expensive registrars around.

Now I personally know that this is total BS as all my previous Transfers as well as the ones I did after this incident were all transfered at the regular price and the expiration date extended by a year per ICANN policy. Just looking through the forum there are several instances of domain name billing issues so obviously I’m not alone and I’m sure Cloudflare is aware they have some issues. What really ticks me off is that rather than resolve the issue they take a rather unsavory approach to justify their mistake so as to hold on to their ill gotten gains. Absolutely Unbelievable!

P.S. They refunded one of the duplicate charges but there is still one duplicate charge outstanding. I checked and none of the domains transferred received an additional year beyond the standard year added when you do a transfer. Hopefully somehow this will get resolved but one thing is for certain — our domains are not going to find a permanent home at Couldflare.

Hi there @BayInternet,

Just letting you know that we replied to your ticket and also refunded the remaining outstanding charge.
Apologies for the inconvenience on this, thank you.


Thank you so much @headinthecloud for finally resolving this issue. I can’t believe the fight billing support put up. Even though they eventually acknowledged the overcharge they just kept on going. They went so far as to say that they had already refunded the overcharge at the time of the transfer.
Whew, what an experience. In my 25+ years working as a professional in the domain name industry I have never experienced anything like this and hopefully never will again. What a mess!

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