Doman Transfer


Have subscribed and paid for domain transfer of

But not approved

Kindly look into it as domain is expiring today.

Thanks for the help!

The domain has a pending transfer, how quickly that completes depends on your original registrar.

Generally it is not advisable to transfer a domain on such a short notice before expiration.

Thanks for the reply.

Due to certain circumstances it was necessary to transfer.

Is there anyway i can re-initiate the process…

It is currently being transferred. You simply have to wait until that completes but that depends on your original registrar. A transfer can be done within a couple of minutes if the registrar plays along.

Its transfered now.

Thanks for the help.

I wish all registrars were as nice as NameSilo for example. Lets you unlock multiple domains, download multiple auth codes, then has a dedicated page to approval the transfer asap… Transfers take like 15 mins. It’s awesome.