Doman transfer with a DNS that is not Cloudflare's?

Hi Guys,

So I have an interesting issue. I have many domains (about 45) all of which I have been able to transfer to Cloudflare and LOVE it here. There is ONE domain that I have been unsuccessful in transferring as it requires me to point the DNS to a particular address.

Background, I bought a SaaS offering whereby they host the software on their servers, I can have any domain I want which I purchased over 20 years ago and the only requirement is that it has to point to their DNS servers so that our website will run properly as for me its just a domain, I dont host the software solution, the images, the database, nothing.

For me to transfer this domain to Cloudflare, we have to point the DNS server to Cloudflare but then my site will go down which is a business and I have customers that go to the site and login to do their work as the website takes you to a login portal.

What advice and recommendations do you have so that I can transfer this last domain to Cloudflare and not have any downtime with my current site that is being hosted by the SaaS offering?

p.s. I use the free Cloudflare plan.

Sorry, all domains using Cloudflare Registrar must use the name servers Cloudflare assigned to you.