Doman content blocked. Phishing

Someone hacked our magento website and put an extra payment method in to steal people’s card details. We got a message from Netcraft, who also informed cloudflare. We scanned all the data, removed the malware and upgraded Magento with a security patch to stop it happening again.

But some customers are getting a message from cloudflare on our checkout page, saying “This website has been reported for potential phishing. Ignore / Proceed”

I’ve requested a review with Cloudflare so the message can be removed 3 days ago. But i’ve had no response, does anyone know how long it takes for them to review it?

Hi there,

When you submit a review, it goes directly to the Trust & Safety team who will review when possible for them. Neither Cloudflare Support nor the Cloudflare Community can assist with these requests in any way. If you require further information, you may send a message to [email protected]


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