Doman and sub domain settings

i have a main account but I want add more website. do i need to add a A record for the 2nd website on the main account and create a new account for the 2 website. is it better having 1 account for many websites or many accounts for many websites. Any comment will be appreciate it.

Your main account’s dashboard page at includes a +Add Site button at the top. That’s how you add the second website.

If these websites are personal and you’re the owner/admin, it’s ok to put them on the same account. If it’s for someone else, it’s better to set up a second account and set up Multi User Access:


thank you.
what are the settings that I should have to make work. This is how it set it up. The main account which is also the main account is also the main hosting domain it is mine. the second domain is not mine but I manage it. it belongs to somebody else.
At the main cloudflare account, I add the A record of the second website. The second website has it is own account and the owner is able to login.
if this is the way something is wrong because it was not working or stop working because I change the dns and stop working.
please let me know

That won’t work because DNS for one domain won’t respond for DNS queries for the other domain.

Here at Cloudflare? If so, then that’s where you should configure DNS.

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