Domains with the xyz extension not loading

I’ve had seven XYZ domains, for months, and none of them will load a site, just a white screen.

I haven’t had issues with my .co, .com, or .group domains.

With the encryption mode set as flexible, I immediately get a white screen,

When encryption is turned off I’m told it was redirected too many times

When encryption is set to Full or Full (Strict) I get a host error

Using the exact same settings with a dot com domain that hasn’t been used for anything (purchased from the same registrar) the site loaded immediately.

I’ve checked with the registrar and was told that the domains are working fine and that it seems to be a cloudflare/DNS routing issue.

How can this be resolved?



I just checked my .xyz domain and it loads.

As with any domain, it needs to work with HTTPS independently of Cloudflare. Go to the Overview tab for that domain and click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” and then wait five minutes. Make sure that site is working with HTTPS, and then make sure your SSL/TLS setting at Cloudflare is Full (Strict).

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Thanks, that seems to have helped. However I had to set it to flexible. I guess I’ll have to apply this process to my other 6 XYZ domains but, as long as they’re working.

Thanks again for the assist!

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