Domains with CF DNS show random spammy sites, even though no servers configured

I have a couple of domains which I configured to point to CF DNS at my registrar. On the CF end though, I didn’t configure anything as I didn’t even add the domains to my account. DNS lookups indicate A, AAAA records, records which I didn’t configure e.g. DNS records for It seems now all of my domains serve these random spammy my sites (the sort of sites which perform dozens of redirects through ad filled pages) What’s going on?

Hi @alexaholic,

You should never point a domains nameservers to Cloudflare without adding the domain to your account. If you don’t add it, you won’t even have been assigned nameservers to use and it can lead to domain hijacking.

You should always add the domain, then change the nameservers.


Today I learned! Thank you!