Domains using Cloudflare IP's are beeing blocked in Portugal

As per this topic description: Domains using IP (Cloudflare) intermitently blocked in Portugal at least Altice Portugal / MEO is blocking Cloudflare IP’s (some ranges) in Portugal at identified times of day (mainly on weekends) due to court decision to avoid piracy.

For all the legit users and customers of Cloudflare this a big “no no” since Cloudflare is one of the biggest CDN arround the world.

Now, the ISP says that they are only complying with court decisions, as you can understand a single user can’t do much, so Cloudflare has the means to take some position and, at least, contest this behavior in Portugal.

I Opened a support case (I’m a Cloudflare customer) but it was closed. I really think you should escalate this internally. In the end the IP Address belongs to Cloudflare…

Please don’t let this issue end on “you have to ask your ISP”, “you have to ask your local entities”.

Thank you!

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