Domains using IP (Cloudflare) intermitently blocked in Portugal


Since a few days ago that i have been getting complaints that some sites arent opening.
I found it weird, because i have several monitoring systems and i didnt get reports at first, but when i checked certain addresses, they were really offline if i tried to open them thru Portuguese connections.

It’s intermitent. Not always blocked. Sometimes it lags like crazy

The IP in question is

If i pause Cloudflare on those sites, they will open flawlessly.

I have other domains in the same account that have other Cloudflare ip’s and this issue does not occurs.

I’ve also seen some postss with similar issues here, so i know i’m not alone on this.

Using a VPN, like Opera’s VPN seems to allow access to those domains.

Any thoughts?


Any screenshot of the error?

I didnt take any screenshots from my site, but its this error:

Sounds a lot like the problem in this thread

If I were you I would collect more evidence like in that image, but include exact times, and ip addresses, and then submit a support ticket/request with your ISP

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I have reports that this is hapening at th same time in several ISP.

If the issue is really what you say, do you really think they are going to unblock just because i asked?

I’ll pause Cloudflare and hope its a temporary issue, no other option.

Thank you for your time.

No, however, this is one of those situations where making noise in social media might make sense, no matter their excuses; blocking IP ranges like that is unacceptable.

Hi @isaque I have having the same problem on the weekends during football matches.

I have several sites on my Cloudflare account but not all are blocked. It’s very random. Yesterday this 2 ips,, have been blocked for 6hours. I’ve shared this problem on NOS Forum (ISP provider in Portugal) and MEO FORUM (another ISP provider in Portugal). I’ve called the ISP (MEO) and they told me to restart the router.

I’ve also send a tweet to Cloudflare CEO reporting the problem.

Today I’ve reported the problem to ANACOM (the communications regulator in Portugal). I’ve also shared the problem in the subreddit Portugal. I´ve known from a source of a chief role in MEO (Portugal ISP) that tole me yes, some ips are blocked during football matches to fight piracy, but of course you can’t block legit websites.
I would suggest that you report the problem to ANACOM in hope that this situation gets fixed. Because if not, the only solution is to stop using Cloudflare in Portugal.

Also mentioned on this thread

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