Domains has been deleted from my account

My domain has been deleted from my account without any explanation.

Can someone help with this?

This is the email received on 2/7/21…

Check the audit log in your account. It was probably removed due to the nameservers being not Cloudflare’s.

You should have received emails about this upcoming change.

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That domain is not using Cloudflare name servers, and has not for the past two months. Inactive domains are removed automatically.


guys, that is not correct as noted from the later part of the email itself…

Perhaps someone is using your account?

You should check the audit log for any actions performed and look for suspicious activity that you don’t recognize doing!

If you notice activity you don’t remember doing (because I believe we’ve ruled Cloudflare out as the cause) then you should change your Cloudflare password immediately and (if possible) enable 2FA (2-factor authentication)!

The email from nine months ago?

Your own registrar (GoDaddy) disagrees.


I understand what happened… the domain was transfer to CF but never transfer the registar… it expired and now it is outside my control…

Thanks for the quick reply.


you can close this one.