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I would like to get some help if it is possible. I would like to know what does it mean I have to change my name servers in my domain registrar? Does this from the server of the service provider I bought from (Goddady)? I bought my domain name from Godaddy. I Cloudflare nameservers

To use Cloudflare, change your nameservers, or authoritative DNS servers. I currently have this message on Cloudflare under DNS:

These are your assigned Cloudflare nameservers.

So my question precisely is where do I change these nameservers? Do I log into Goddady and replace the names in there with these ones? What about the implications of this with Godday? aren’t there any? Lastly, on the “create page rule for the domain” stage, I could not get the “always use https” option on the drop-down menu, how do I resolve this?

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You just posted the link with the answer to your first question.

It’s easier to set “Always Use HTTPS” in the SSL/TLS section’s Edge Certificates section.

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Just go to Godaddy under Name Server (NS) choose custom then there are multiple fields appears then just input the cloudflare ones they provided to you and click update that’s it. Note you can also google image search Godaddy you will see what I am mentioning here. Let me know if it helps.


I have just done the replacement of server names but can’t complete process cause IP address is now required where do I get this? My other service provider is forcing me to do something I am less competent with (website development and stuff) hence my questions might sound mundane to some.

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Hello, can anyone help with where to get the IP address after changing name servers, GoDaddy requires this? Anyone please?

You can type those hostnames here to get the IP addresses:

Which names Sir? Server names? Cloudflare’s? Where in this website link you have provided do I search for the nameservers? Also, I used their search button for the domain search and it brought a host of IP addresses from different countries?? The other links at the top of the page are not helpful for what I am looking for.either?


I have just now searched again and got this: 2606:4700:58::a29f:2cde and this number is common across the countries in the list, is this the number? I really feel like a fool asking obvious questions to people that know please excuse me all if my questions sound somehow sound stupid, please. This is all thanks to my service provider…

That is the IPv6 address of the leif nameserver. Your registrar probably wants the IPv4 address, which is

Generally, a registrar should never need these addresses, because THAT is what the nameservers names (leif and mona) are for, so it is not clear why your registrar asks for them, but anyhow the address above would be the one for leif and the one for mona you can find out by running either “ping” or “nslookup” on your local computer or also any other “dns lookup” online service. Essentially you need to resolve the IP address of these hostnames (the leif and mona nameservers).

Thanks to all for your help, things are setup now. My next question is, google indexing. Where do I Paste the TXT record into the DNS configuration?

You’d Add a record of type TXT.

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