Domains returning SERV_FAIL and not working at all

I have a few domains I’ve worked on between 48-72 hours ago.

When I turn caching on for them they point to seemingly random IPs.

When caching is turned off and I check them on cachecheck(dot)opendns(dot)com they return either:

I’ve triple checked the registrar has the correct nameservers for Cloudflare. My Cloudflare account reckons everything should be fine and dandy.

One of the (six) domains this effects is:

I’ve been going around on this for hours and I’d appreciate any help anyone might have!

(" SEP matching the DS found for")

DNSSEC is enabled at your registrar (Namecheap) but doesn’t appear to be setup correctly - either disable it at your registrar or enable it within the Cloudflare dashboard.

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Thank you!

I was just jumping in to say I found that too.

The solution has been just to turn DNSSEC off. Thanks!

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