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A few folks working on this, marketing, IT and external web appliction devs. The latter added 3 domains to CF Free account, IT was supposed to review the DNS records to ensure they were all pulled in correctly before the end of the month and we’d initiate a DNS registrar transfer to CF, well Today, the marketing team gets and email saying all 3 domains were removed and TLS added. Checked the logs and they show as all having been done by the marketing login. Haven’t heard back from the user with that account yet.

You can just add them back using the cloudflare dash, double check the nameservers & have your IT team review the DNS records. Sometimes in cases like this (remove & re-add a website), on the re-add we pick up cloudflare IPs as opposed to your origin IPs. But, your IT team will know the correct values (you can see the former values in your audit log) and you can / they can update the records. Audit log is here,

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Okay, I’ve added back the domains and will check that the correct dns zone data is imported before we switch over.

A related technical question, once the nameservers are switched, how do I ensure that the CF security tools only apply to the the specific hostting, the want to use webfence and another CF feature. We have other sites like firewall ssl vpn access and other infrastructure related items which we don’t want to pass through CF as they have their own certificates and other requirements that the CF CDN would affect negatively.

If you don’t want to use the proxy for a hostname, you need to set the DNS record to DNS-Only for that name instead of Proxied.

You will need to use different hostnames for services that are using Cloudflare and those that aren’t using Cloudflare.

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So in this context since we have more infrastrucure sites that are not for public consumption, sounds like best practice would be to set the default to DNS-Only and explicitly set the websites to Proxied with SOP to update any new additional putblic website hostnames accordingly.

Followup question, comparing the records that CF pulled in to the source records on EasyDNS, there’s 20 in CF and 29 in EasyDNS, any issues I’ll experience with exporting zone file from EasyDNS and then importing and overwriting what CF added automatically?

Thanks for the help, all good and operational now.

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