Domains not working all the time

I have two domains using the free cloudfrare service. One is working perfectly while the other does not
The two sites are postcardcollecting dot com
The other site is aboardnoahsark dot com
Both are set up in Cloudflare but they seem to work on and off from my iPad, iPhone and my laptop windows 11

It’s very frustrating to not know how to resolve this issue.

I have added and readded the domain and started from scratch several time over several days and weeks … but with no luck.
I’m at a loss as to what do do now
Any Help?

You can see what I get by doing to the domains by using the links

When they do not work, what error do you see? Which one works perfectly and which one does not?

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Thank you for replying.
I get no error messages:

  1. I usually will get a blank page then later it’s working
  2. on , I usually get this page in the image attached.

It’s gotten very frustrating and I don’t know where or what to do next.


They both load fine for me, perhaps clear browser cache, try incognito mode, or a mobile device. If you pause Cloudflare, does anything change?

I appreciate the reply.
I have cleared cache many times, tried incognito and have even paused CF.

The strange thing is that everyone I’ve asked seems to get to the sites. It’s only my devices that are intermittent.

If you paused and the page loaded as shown, that says it’s not related to Cloudflare. And, that others are not seeing an issue tells me it’s something with your machine, browser, or IP. But I am not sure what. From what you shared it appears to be an issue with the css or index.html. Perhaps scan the origin sever (and your machines) for malware. Do you have any extensions or adblockers that may be affecting your machine and not other visitors?

I am digging for other ideas…

I so appreciate the reply and the leads you’ve given. I will look into all you have mentioned. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the sever where hosted.
Again, I truly appreciate

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that does make it difficult, perhaps your hosting provider can scan it for you and/or give you the logs to see what’s going on with it.

I tested from mobile and it loaded ok.

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