Domains not showing up in list for transfer

Over the last couple days I added a dozen domains to cloudflare that redirect to the 2 domains that I was already using cloudflare for, with the intention of transferring them to cloudflare for the better registrar pricing.

My problem here is that after changing the nameservers all of the sites are showing up under the Home tab with active statuses. Shortly after I added them, all but one (unsupported tld) were showing up when I went to the Registrar => transfer list. I went and pulled it back up a couple hours later to give a total to accounts payable for what was going to be due now to change them so I could get authorization to add a card to the account. I am only seeing two of the 14 domains (well 13 without the non transferable one) listed now and it isn’t the original two that have been on the cloudflare account for a couple of years. It’s one of them and one of the new ones I just added that are showing up on the transfer screen.

After having a thought and going and looking at the old registrar checking a handful at random the two that are showing up are not marked to allow transfers and after changing one they are now all showing up again.

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