Domains no longer work with hosting change

I have 18 domains. We just moved from Green Geeks to WP Engine. All of them point to, and none of them work anymore. I am getting emails from Cloudflare that our sites are down. But, I don’t know how to fix them. I set up a couple redirects on urgent ones, but don’t know if that was the best decision. I did not set up Cloudflare and don’t even fully understand what it is for. Just trying to fix all of these that stopped working. Can anyone help me? Here is a sample of a few of them. They would not let me load all 18 of them.

This might sound like a dumb question, but humor me. Did you update the server IPs in Cloudflare when you changed hosting providers?

No, i have done nothing. I thought my web design team who made the hosting switch would help me with this transition, but they are acting like they have no idea how Cloudflare and IONOS should be set up now and told me to troubleshoot this myself. I am not a tech person. I do accounting and legal and am left trying to sort this out. I tried Cloudflare customer service, but they said I dont have a paid plan. So, i am floundering a bit here.

You need to know the IP address of the new host for each domain. Once you update your DNS in Cloudflare to use the new address for each site, you should be back online, barring any further complications.

Thank you so much. I am sorry this is so basic.

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