Domain's IP address is IP V4


My problem is the following:

I can’t publish blog posts on my website or edit pages. Every time it says: Update failed. You are probably offline.

I contacted the support and they told me: “It is routed incorrectly. There should be only Cloudflare A records set for your domain”.

Basically, that the domain’s IP address is IP V4 and Usually it should be V6 both.

I don’t understand anything.

I tried clearing the Cloudflare cache or disabling it for your domain temporarily and testing your wordpress.

Without success

Sounds like an SSL issue maybe the form is using https while you’re using http.

If you are using HTTPs and it is setup correctly make sure that you’re using the correct SSL options in Cloudflare. You might find that your min TLS/SSL version is too high for the Wordpress backend.

You can test if the issue is Cloudflare related by disabling proxy-ing on the domain.

Let me know if any of this helps, I don’t use Wordpress personally but thought I’d give some advice since no one else has helped.

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