Domains incorrectly categorized, blocked

I decided to give Gateway a try. The last few days, I have had a few domains get blocked after having been categorized as Parked/For Sale. This morning it was Obviously, that doesn’t make sense:

Radar seems to indicate it is categorized correctly:

DNS lookup from my Gateway server:

# dig  +short @

Hi Robert,

Thanks so much for flagging this false positive - it appears there was an error on the www hostname, which has now been fixed. It may take up to an hour to see this working on our edge and implemented in allow / block logic within Gateway.

Going forward, you can flag miscategorized hostnames using this form.

We apologize for this error, but thank you for flagging!

Kind Regards,

Oh, I forgot to mention, when I looked it up in Radar, it was not characterized as a Parked domain, so there was nothing for me to submit.

Edit: Er, I did include that screenshot, in fact, but just to be 100% clear: