Domains in GoHighLevel not verifing the mxa & mxb records

It is been over a month and I cant get these mxa and mxb reply records to verify

Have you added to the zone in Cloudflare?

what do you mean by “zone”?

If I’m reading this correctly, your screenshot is from the Mailgun end of the setup. And I see repiles (not replies) in your screenshot.

If you have added the zone (addresses) in Cloudflare already… do you have the same repiles in Cloudflare?

Or is this a typo and you have a typo in Mailgun only and you have replies in Cloudflare? (Of course, if this is the case, then it’ll never work: you need to the matching records in both places.)

The zone is your domain name, and as @GeorgeAppiah described, it contains your addresses in the form of DNS records. Your Mailgun screenshot shows two MX records. Your zone has none, though.

You need to add the MX records here:

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