Domains hosted at Vodien. Can't change DNS on Cloudflare, managed by Vodien. Vodien deny knowledge

I have had many domains on Cloudflare for a number of years. My domains are hosted on Vodien in Singapore. Earlier this year they migrated me to a new server. I have reset some of my domains to work with Clouodflare again but other domains tell me: “Your DNS zone file is hosted by Vodien Internet Solutions Pte Ltd, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.”
I contact Vodien who deny all knowledge of this and tell me to contact Cloudflare.
Is there a way of taking back control?

You are still in control @andy43 all the zones are in your cloudflare account - some of them are partial partner setups as indicated and some are signed up directly with cloudflare. For those that are not currently set up directly with cloudflare, you can add them to your account directly and contact your registrar to update the nameservers to the two assigned by cloudflare. You’ll want to make note of your page rules and any settings in order to recreate them once the sites are signed up directly.

HI Cloonan

Many thanks for your response. This is the bit I’m stuck on: For those that are not currently set up directly with cloudflare, you can add them to your account directly”.

I have no problem with changing the DNS with my registrar to point at Cloudflare but I don’t understand ‘add them to my account directly’. Cloudflare doesn’t let me change the DNS because it says they are managed by Vodien so I assume I have to change settings at Vodien but to what? Can I get them off Vodien and back onto Cloudflare where I can manage things easily?


I know you mentioned the partner was not aware of the service and there are no dns settings to change in the dash. That’s ok, you don’t need to change records there at the moment, simply remove the domain from your account and re-add it.

Specifically, have you tried to remove the site from cloudflare from your overview app (lower right corner)? We may still need to purge it from our systems to clear the records, but from there you can add it directly to your existing account and change the nameserver names with your registrar.

Sounds like a sensible idea, I will give it a go.



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Don’t I feel stupid! Such a simple solution. Looks like it’s working. Many, many thanks.


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