Domains Forwarding

Hi everyone,
I transferred some domains from google to cloudflare
Only one had a forward going and its still on google (I killed the forward since)
For some reason the 4 domains that got transferred when proxied @ and www
will forward…to the same site the google hosted domain went to.
Un-proxied the domains show up just fine

The DNS is only what I added @, ftp, mysql, ssh, etc.
I’ve purged cache and fiddled a thousand time’s, any help would be appreciated.

Were you able to resolve this @roitan23?

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No I have not.
I also found that only the www needs to be un-proxied for the domain to point correctly.
Again, not sure if that helps in any way.

Thank you @roitan23 and sorry for the issues. Can you share the name of the domain?

For sure,

I have them all proxied, and sadly they are forwarding with no input from my side.
Is running the www un-proxied a bad long term solution?


Is that an A or CNAME record?

Can you elaborate on the steps to reproduce, the result, and actual versus desired result? I want to make sure I’m clear on what’s going wrong.

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if you go to any of the links posted they are forwarding to another domain “buttsnoreling”
Nothing in the DNS is telling them to do that, non of those domains were ever pointed there.
The only way I can stop it is to un-proxie the A www.


Ah, thank you. Go here, there is a page rule that is active and doing that forward. If you did not create that rule, deactivate it and remove it.

You should change your password and API key as if you did not create that rule, someone with access to your account did.

The reason the un-proxy worked is that means traffic bypasses cloudflare, and that rule to redirect it to the unwanted site.


Ahh, your awesome!
Found it and cleared them.
Thank you!


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