Domains expiring soon -- Can I expedite my switch to CloudFlare Registrar?

I have a handful of domains scheduled to expire at GoDaddy on 6 November 2018. After a donation to Girls Who Code (yay!), I’m currently in Wave 7 (“Early November”) for moving to the Cloudflare Registrar – which is awesome, but a little too close for comfort for a few of my domains!

Is there anything I can do (beg plaintively, donate more, something?) to go a little sooner and avoid paying for a whole extra unnecessary year of GoDaddy nonsense? Thanks for any help!

If you tweet from this page, you can usually jump up a spot. Worked for me.

(scroll down to Share the love)

p.s. Wave 7 is early November? My original Wave 6 was Mid November, then donated and got Wave 5 (still mid-November). Now I’m Wave 4 which is Early November.

p.p.s. You won’t lose that year you renew on GD. It’ll transfer over, plus whatever Cloudflare adds on.

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The switch statement for reference :wink:

  switch (wave) {
    case 1:
      return <span>Mid-October</span>;
    case 2:
      return <span>Late October</span>;
    case 3:
      return <span>Late October</span>;
    case 4:
      return <span>Early November</span>;
    case 5:
      return <span>Mid-November</span>;
    case 6:
      return <span>Mid-November</span>;
    case 7:
      return <span>Mid-November</span>;
      return <span>Late November</span>;

Guess my domains expiring in <10 days won’t make the cut :slight_smile:


I’m very confused. Now I’m showing as wave 5, but with a LATER time of “mid-november”!!

Also, if I tweet, it will come from an account that doesn’t appear to have anything to do with my Cloudflare login – so I’m not sure that would help. But I’d do it if there’s a way!

Finally, if I have to pay GoDaddy for another year, it’ll cost me a lot more, even if I do get to transfer the time over after I pay. So yes, I’d really like to “get 'er done” before expiration!

Thanks for the tips! Anything else to suggest?

First thing, move away from Godaddy :slight_smile:

What TLD is it?

Got a bunch all coming up on 6 Nov below. My others not listed can wait.


Edit: you asked for TLDs

I dont think any of these TLDs is supported by Cloudflare at the moment.

I’d still move away from Godaddy though :slight_smile:

I wondered. Sounded like the intention is to support all, but it’d be quite understandable if not all were supported out of the gate.

I’d still move away from Godaddy though

That’s all I’m trying to do!! :slight_smile:

I just tweeted in hopes of more love!

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