Domains expiring and Wave 2: November has come and gone

I realise this is very similar to several other people’s queries, so I apologise for that.

I have some domains expiring end December/early January with a provider I wanted to move away from, and I am in “Wave 2 - Estimate: November”, so I had planned to transfer them here. However, November has come and gone… I gather from other people that it is November this year, not next year, and that it is just delayed, but is there any ETA on when “November” (Wave 2) is? I need to know whether to wait a little longer, or transfer and renew them elsewhere.


@SamRhea just tweeted that Wave 5 begins tomorrow.

There’s no “Start Transferring Now” button on your dashboard?

If not, then contact Support.
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

I see this, and when I click “Claim your place in line” (which I have done multiple times now) it goes to a “Wave 2: November” page.

I shall contact support.

Thank you.

I’m Wave 6 and I got an email over a week ago. I’ve already transferred in a few domains.

Odd. I was Wave 5 and got in a week or two ago.