Domainname has been taken over

My domain sends me to

Your account may have been compromised. Check for unexpected page rules and redirect rules:

Check for changes to your account in the audit log:

Resecure your account:

  • change the password
  • set up 2FA
  • change your global API key and any tokens; look for newly created tokens

@christophe.simoen I see the website pending in the account you are using here, but also see it has history with Cloudflare that predates that,

If you do not recognize that change nor those nameservers nor that change from April, you’ll want to contact your domain registrar and have them remove the currrent cloudflare nameservers and replace with just the two shown on

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Hello. I’m a big zero in these things. Can you see if my 'domain registrar is Combell?

Looks to be verisign, ICANN Lookup