Domainname(.)com does not work but a sub-domain does, please help

I host my site with Hostinger and changed my default nameservers to Cloudflare’s name servers. However, my main domain is no longer available after I changed the defaults but a subdomain is available. When I change the nameservers back to Hostinger’s defaults, my main domain works and the sub-domain doesn’t, it is like they flip flop. Cloudflare does show an A record of my main domain with an IP address that has a status of ‘Proxied’ but it is still not working. I pinged my website and used the IP from the ping as the A record IP but still no luck. Any other suggestions to try for this?

By no longer available, what error are you getting?

Here is what I am getting

You probably want to checkout

Step 4 is probably best

Enable Full or Full (Strict) mode. Learn more about all the SSL options available through Cloudflare.


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