Domainame parked

mine website show now “domainname is parked” after edit nameserver to Cloudflare

i also hv used maxcdn i get also this mesagge but they give dns ip and was online again

iwait 2 days answer from Cloudflare , i know ihv free subs but maxcdn has a trial periode support was perfect

what to do now ?

ihv disabled now ssl to see whats happen

This usually happens when your server is not properly configured for SSL and you’re trying to set SSL to Full (or Full-Strict).

What is your SSL setting in the Cloudflare Dashboard’s Crypto section?

And what is the domain?

it was on flexible half time ago but i changed to off

That’s just whatever your server is showing for your website. If you go to the Cloudflare Dashboard’s DNS section and set those DNS entries to :grey:, see if your site shows up.

cache cleared browser and Cloudflare

still same

If DNS is :grey:, then the problem is at your server…or you’ve set the wrong IP address in DNS.

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yes set wrong ipadress

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