"domain_xy is not active on Cloudflare yet"

we changed the NS records to

but the old NS seems to be always there,

mxtoolbox.com (DNS CheckI) says the cloudflare NS are not “Parent”, but “Local”
and the old NS records are “Parent”, but not “Local”

what we have to do?

You have to log in to your registrar and change the nameservers, not create NS records.

What is your domain?

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we have changed the nameservers

I can see that you have not changed the nameservers. As suspected, you created NS records:

real-bi.com.            172800  IN      NS      ns1.first-ns.de.
real-bi.com.            172800  IN      NS      robotns2.second-ns.de.
real-bi.com.            172800  IN      NS      robotns3.second-ns.com.
;; Received 179 bytes from 2001:503:39c1::30#53(i.gtld-servers.net) in 24 ms

real-bi.com.            60      IN      A
real-bi.com.            60      IN      NS      vera.ns.cloudflare.com.
real-bi.com.            60      IN      NS      paul.ns.cloudflare.com.
;; Received 108 bytes from in 24 ms

You need to replace the Hetzner nameservers with Cloudflare’s.

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in the hetzner-console only these entries:

NS @ vera.ns.cloudflare.com. 60
NS @ paul.ns.cloudflare.com. 60

could it be that hetzner does not allow the change of nameservers?

i found this on hetzner-page:
“It is mandatory that your name servers point to our name servers. This will allow you to manage your DNS records, and more. If you don’t do this, changes to the DNS entries will not take effect.”

This is the menu where you set the nameservers:


ah, thank you very much - was working

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