Domain works on CF and SSL works but Cpanel and WHM do not


I got CF to work on my server and domain… But the problem i am having is this same issue

I need to secure the host name for WHM via cloudflare, but if i set it on proxy (orange cloud) then i run into the issue that the page on WHM or Cpanel wont load the template and crashes.

But if i take the proxy off then its not HTTPS…

So what is the answer folks, is there one to have it both ways or do i just have to live with running WHM and cpanel unprotected?


If you have access to the machine yourself, I would advise to upgrade WHM to the latest version.

If that is not possible then you may want to look in to configuring cPanel to only work with SSL. You can secure it with a free certificate like Lets Encrypt.


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