Domain working only in VPN mode

Hi, I’ve purchased domain from third party for my shopify store. I’ve changes its nameservers to Cloudflare hosting. Now the issue is When I am using VPN, the domain is working but without VPN domain it is not working. Can anyone has the same issue

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This is probably due to DNS propagation. It may take some time (up to 24-48 hours) for the DNS records to properly propagate. Also, you can restart your device or even your router to flush their DNS cache. Something similar happened with a domain I recently purchased, and after restarting the router, I could access it without issues.

If you still have problems or issues, I would suggest that you post the domain name here (if possible), so that we can see if something is wrong.

Hope it helps!

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Thanks for responding. I think I’ve to wait for 24 hours. I will let you know if I need more help. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

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