Domain won't connect to Cloudflare


New to this. I tried to redirect our DNS towards Cloudflare servers last week. However I have checked again today and it’s still pending.

The purpose of doing this is to redirect our site towards Clickfunnels.

Could anyone help?


Hi @kenwaytyres,

Can you share the domain name and the nameservers that Cloudflare are requesting?

Hi, domjh

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Your domain currently appears to point to:

and not the Cloudflare ones you mentioned. You will need to change these with your domain registrar.

Thanks. I already changed these on our hosting account. But you think the issue lies there?

You have to change it in your domain registrar panel, not the DNS records with your host.

Is your registrar listed on the article I linked above? Looks from whois like

Ah ok. That makes sense.

Yes they are listed on the that.

Thanks for your help.

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Hello, I had our site connected to clickfunnels through Cloudflare and our main domain was linking to in error for The support on clickfunnels were not helpful at all and I’ve since removed the domain from there and changed the setttings back to what they were on Cloudflare. However the site is still down. And I don’t know how to change it.

There are four components to consider here:
The name server - which was change back to original DNS settings
Hosting provider - which I also changed back to original DNS settings
Cloudflare - which I chaged back to original settings
Clickfunnels - which I deleted our associated domain

If anyone could recommend what to do I’d really appreciate it.

Currently it still/again points to the nameservers mentioned by @domjh. If you want to use Cloudflare you will first have to set the nameservers.

Yes, I changed them back to the original settings but the error still persists. At this point I don’t care about using Cloudflare just want site to display as normal. Once it is working ok will look to restart process again using Cloudflare.

Should I disconnect site from Cloudflare?

If the nameservers do not point to Cloudflare, Cloudflare is not involved (any longer). If it still is not working you’d need to contact ClickFunnels.

It doesn’t matter site is still connected to Cloudflare platform. I’m asking you should I disconnect from Cloudflare to get back original settings?

There’s literally no tech support between Cloudflare and clickfunnels.

What do you mean by connected? The site does not point to Cloudflare, hence it is not connected. Are you referring to the configuration on Cloudflare? That does not matter, you can remove it, leave it, as long as the domain does not point to it, it will never take effect and Cloudflare will eventually remove it themselves.

Right now your domain does not point to Cloudflare, hence whatever is not working needs clarification from ClickFunnels.

Yes, at the top of the page with the DNS settings it says site connected to Cloudflare with a green tick.

Well clickfunnels have been extremely unhelpful and there is no customer support. It’s difficult trying to source where the break actually is.

Thats because Cloudflare hasnt checked your domain yet and hence found out you moved your domain. Again, your domain does not point to Cloudflare, so nothing on Cloudflare takes effect.

Ok thanks for clarifying. I will check with our hosting provider.

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