Domain with punycode results in API request fails every time


I have just added my first domain with punycode “xn–” and an example goes here:

Domain: sø
Punycode: xn–

Every time I visit the Dashboard I get a API request failed on that domain only.

Is this a known error, or do I need to report this issue somewhere?

PS: This is also my first community post. Be gentle :wink:


  • Nicolai

Do you mean when trying to add the domain? That domain does not seem to be on Cloudflare in the first place.

Can you post a screenshot?


Thank you for very quick response :slight_smile:

I don’t know why I thought a non-existing example domain was better. The actual domain is “sjø” and in punycode “xn–”.

The domain was added without any problems, but every time I go to the Dashboard, I see this error:

I hope it makes sense, and I don’t mind testing with more domains, but seeing I already have lots of working domains without punycode, I reckon it has something to do with punycode :slight_smile:

  • Nicolai

Thats explains a lot :wink:

From the path shown I would think there is some issue when it checks if the domain is registered with Cloudflare or can be transferred. IMHO a glitch and I’d open a support ticket.


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Hi @nicolai, I see the ticket is in process.

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Thank you. I have opened a ticket now (23h ago) and will await their reply :wink:


I do have the same problem, do I need to open a ticket also?