Domain with port and SSL/TLS encryption mode is Flexible

I’m using Cloudflare for a couple of months now. I have set up SSL/TLS encryption mode to Flexible and using it while. This is working fine for domain and subdomains.

My issue is, I have an app running on port 2052. when I enter my_ip:2052 my app works fine. But when I create DNS record and enter my_domain:2052 it says “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”

I have referred many posts at but I cannot find a suitable solution.

In summary, I need to work with Flexible SSL.

Your support is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

  1. You shouldn’t use Flexible, that is insecure and should be generally avoided.
  2. Port 2052 is only HTTP on Cloudflare.

thanks for reply @sandro,

  1. For the moment I will use flexible SSL. Thanks for your advice.
  2. Due to I’m using flexible SSL I think I need to use HTTP ports. (If I use my domain only Cloudflare redirect to HTTP port 80)
  1. Again, you should not use Flexible. That is not secure and you want a secure site, right? Installing a certificate is a matter of minutes.
  2. Then it will be HTTP in this case.

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