Domain with Godaddy

I am using Godaddy name server for my domain
I am planning to use Cloudflare for CDN services, Should I change the name server from Godaddy panel to use cloudflare one?.
Also please let us know whether there is any impact on all DNS records added over Godaddy panel

You will have to use Cloudflare DNS if you want to use Cloudflare CDN services. When you add your site to Cloudflare, you just need to make sure Cloudflare has all of your DNS records. And in the future, you’ll have to manually add any new DNS records as you modify your domain at GoDaddy.

So will all my DNS records automatically sync with Cloudflare?.
Also if I change my main domain will there any impact or downtime with all subdomains added under it

They don’t automatically sync. Cloudflare will try to scan all your existing records, but you’ll need to double-check that they are all there. Any any additions or changes will have to be done manually over here. But as long as Cloudflare’s DNS records remain identical to your GoDaddy records, there will be no downtime.

I have mail MX records being servered through GoDaddy. So need to make sure there is no downtime for it

Also will there be any propagation delay for DNS globally when switching with cloudflare.
If so can you provide ETA

As long as all your Cloudflare DNS records match perfectly with GoDaddy, there will be no downtime.

p.s. Speaking mail, just make sure that any mail-related DNS records are set to :grey: (DNS-Only). Cloudflare will not proxy email connections.


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