Domain with .dev is not working with cloudflare pages

I have my Cloudflare pages hosted with Cloudflare ( and I have my domain with google ( I successfully created CNAME with google domains. But when I access, it is not working fine. It shows the following error in the browser.

Unsupported protocol
The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

I checked with Google support team and they informed me to reach out to Cloudflare team for applying the proper certificate for .dev domain. Shall you help me on this?

~ Tham

You need to add the domain in the Pages dashboard -

I tried already but it is asking me to transfer the domain to Cloudflare. But I have no plans to move my domain to Cloudflare. I already have many domains with Google.

Before adding domain-name to your Pages project, you’ll need to transfer your DNS to Cloudflare.

You’re trying to add an apex, apex CNAMEs aren’t spec compliant so most registrars don’t accept them. To avoid issues, we prevent apex domains being added in the dash for external providers.
You can either add and then redirect from apex to www or you can use the API (or something like Terraform) to add the apex.