Domain with Cloudflare Registrar -- Temporary DNS Change?

We transferred a domain to Cloudflare registrar a year ago, and need to temporarily use a webhost’s DNS to set something up with them. I’d rather not do a registrar change for a DNS change that would take an hour to do. Is it possible yet to use another company’s DNS temporarily? (I saw other answers a few years back that said it may be on the way.)

It may still be on the way, but not right now…unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan and can trick the API into changing your vanity name server (Biz/Ent feature only).

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You can’t change your DNS temporarily, however you can create a page rule redirecting from your origin to whatever link you want (like a subdomain)! Make sure to set it as a “temporary redirect” so any external checkers will show the same thing (like

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