Domain with Argo Enabled Suffered HTTP DDoS Attack Leading to Significant Charges

I am seeking assistance regarding a recent issue I encountered with my website using the Cloudflare Pro and Argo services. Unfortunately, during this period, my site was subjected to an HTTP DDoS attack, which resulted in a significant surge in Argo traffic. I only discovered this issue on my billing date, and by then, the charges had already been applied to my credit card.

Given the circumstances, I would like to know if it is possible to receive a refund for the unexpected charges incurred due to the DDoS attack. I have already submitted a support ticket, but it has been over six days without any response. Below are the details of my support tickets:

  • Most recent support ticket number: #3278643
  • Previous support ticket number (no response for over six days): #3273268

I appreciate any guidance or assistance the community or Cloudflare support team can provide on this matter.

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