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My domain “polingsays . com” have a www CNAME record pointing to the root domain “polingsays . com”, but it will direct to Gitbook’s custom domain 404 page, but I didn’t setup any DNS record pointing to Gitbook, every other record is okay, but I can’t point “polingsays . com”, and also “www . polingsays . com” to any other server, since only “” will work, but “www . polingsays . com” used to direct to “polingsays . com”, but it just directs to Gitbook’s site, is there any solution?
This problem only happens on Cloudflare, if I use Google Domain’s DNS, it will function just okay.

This is likely because Gitbook uses Cloudflare for SaaS and they have not removed their configuration for your domain. Please contact them and ask them to remove any Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames.

If they say they are unable to help you, please email [email protected] with the subject Cannot remove custom host name and details of the issue. Once you’ve done that you’ll receive an automatic response with a ticket number. Please post that here so we can escalate it.

[Cloudflare Support] 2461728 - Cannot remove custom host name

What did Gitbook say? This will be far easier and quicker for them to remove than for Cloudflare to manually verify and process your request. They have done this before for users here.

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