Domain will expire

Hi, thanks for rectifying the error, i am in real trouble my domain is going to expire tonight and its stuck in renewal.

I may loose bullishness, advertising campaigns are running as well. Please help ASAP>

Also if someone from support looking into this please check this ticket: [Cloudflare Support] 1945858


Hi everyone,

Just saw cloudflare posted about Delay in Registrar domain renewal processing: Delay in Registrar domain renewal processing

My Domain is about to expire tonight, can someone help in this its really urgent, i have already created a ticket about the same but seems its getting delayed, if someone from support looking to this please check ticket : 1945858


They are aware of this issue and working on a fix right now. And if they say, they are working, they are working. :wink:

Flagging @cloonan since it seems to be urgent for you. Maybe there’s some magic foo they can do. But i am sure it will resolve in time


Thank you so much, is there is a possibility to do something please help me.

Hi @Sam_1209, it looks like a fix has been implemented and the processing has started. From looking at whois and current GMT, it looks like the domain would have expired an hour ago. But, +1 to the insight from @MarkMeyer, it’s spot-on. I suspect this will go through as the updates catch up and there is an icann grace period on renewal of expired domains in the event it does not. I’ll keep an eye on this to ensure you’re good to go.


Thank you so much so swift replies really appreciate community team efforts.

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Really sorry for the stresses on this, @Sam_1209. I set reminders to check in on this over the course of my day and will drop an update if & when I see movement.

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Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2021-08-12T16:21:16Z


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