Domain whois State / Country not private

This has already been written about.

For some reason, the city and country remain open in Whois. Everything is hidden from other registrars.

Please correct.

Whois redaction is not the same as Whois privacy.

Kindly, see my post here:

due to ICANN policy

And the new RDAP which requires country in ISO format.

From the docs:


Namecheap hides all data (other registrars too). Why can’t Cloudflare?

Porkbun also hides ALL data. Only Cloudflare can’t do that.

WHOIS redaction not the same as WHOIS privacy service offered by domain registrars different than Cloudflare Registrar, which can be seen on the screenshots you’re sharing here. Furthermore, Cloudflare Registrar does not offer WHOIS privacy service, neither using some, therefore using RDAP which is a new protocol. RDAP requires to show country code, etc. Did you read the referenced links?

You might want to ask them then, if so and look up for the information, maybe it is stated somewhere in the Cloudflare Registrar ToS and Docs.

From ICANN cite:

… requires all gTLD registries and registrars to deploy an RDAP service after notification from ICANN …

Kindly and patiently wait for a reply.

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