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When considering Cloudflare as a domain registrar, who (what company) do they use for WhoIs privacy, and what is the address shown that ends up on the public WhoIs? Can you show an example?

Cloudflare controls that info.

Have you tried

@sdayman explained it great. However, to make it faster for readers, everything is retracted except for:

  1. Domain registration date.
  2. Domain update date.
  3. Domain expiration date,
  4. Registrar.
  5. A link to a protected form in which you can email the domain owner.
  6. A few ICANN-related links.

No personal information will be published, and all the information is stored by Cloudflare.


Thank you for asking.

In short answer, none as what I am assuming it’s your question and consideration. See below written in more detail with provided link.

I have couple of domains registered at Cloudflare Registrar, all of them show “DATA REDACTED”, except country code (two letters) and state/province.

From the Cloudflare Docs, if you register a domain using Cloudflare Registrar, you’d get WHOIS redaction which isn’t the same as WHOIS privacy provided by some of the known WHOIS privacy services like WhoisGuard or some other.

Whois privacy service provider like WhoisGuard or Withheld for Privacy, hides your contact details and replaces them with anonymized information.

If you’d like to have Whois privacy protection for domain info like your question is, you might want to consider registering and/or transfering your domain out to some other domain registrar like Namecheap to get Whois privacy service for your domain name, if that’s the concern about security in your particular case.

Related helpful information:

In short, to answer your question, your personal information isn’t visible on WHOIS, except in case where it’s a .us domain since the .us registry prohibits WHOIS redaction.

Cloudflare Registrar provides personal data redaction on WHOIS information for all registered domains.

Helpful article:

Thank you! Is there an option to toggle / turn off redaction? Or is it always on?

It’s automatically enabled. I haven’t read about having an option to enable or disable it yet.

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