Domain whit port

Hello all.
I want to ask about DNS domains.

I have a web server with domain,com:8888
use port 8888 for https,

Can I use Cloudflare DNS proxy with a custom domain port?


Yes, you can configure the port via an Origin Rule.


halo @Laudian
tks for your respound,
can u info, whare i find this configure …?

When you select a domain, go to Rules → Origin Rules.


and can you send to me exsample configure in origin Rule…?

There isn’t much to configure, except to enter your domain and port.


very thanks you sir

After I checked it turned out there was no destination port option,
is that option not available for the free plan?

You are probably in the wrong menu. What you show in your screenshot is not an Origin Rule.

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i see,
tks bro :slight_smile:

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