Domain vs subdomain

After adding a domain I added aslo a subdomain throught DNS tab with an A record. The subdomain “Proxy status” = proxied color orange. My question is: does the subdomain and domain get the same level of speed ups and protection or no. I am asking mostly because I read on you website that subdomains are only available to entreprise plans. — if it is only for big plans, why do I see the orange cloud color in the right of my subdomain?

If they’re :orange:, they’re both treated equally.

What’s the URL of the reference to subdomains on Enterprise plans?

A copy paste from cloud flare FAQ.

Can subdomains be added directly to Cloudflare?

By default, subdomains cannot be added as standalone domains in a Cloudflare account. The root domain must be added to a Cloudflare account and then subdomains are managed within the root domain. However, Enterprise customers can contact Cloudflare support and request to add subdomains directly to their Cloudflare account.

If your main domain is on Cloudflare, then all subdomains can be as well.

Enterprise users might have a domain not on Cloudflare, but can set up a special zone for just a subdomain. It’s a special situation that can only be done on Enterprise plans due to a special name server configuration.


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