Domain vs email

Hi folks,
I am using CF for manage my email blast sequences. And now tried to point my URL to a different IP address, where my templated site resides. The CF logo wasn’t grey as recommended. Is this going to mess up my email blasts? Or are these two separate areas?

Does anyone know if where I point my domain URL has anything to do with how my email functions. I am a bit lost here. My email blasts were working fine but had to redirect my site URL. #CommunityTip

I’m not clear how Cloudflare manages your email blast. If the related hostnames are :grey:, then Cloudflare is not involved, other than providing the same DNS as anybody else.

Here’s what I did. I pointed my DNS to cloudflare and set up my email parameters. All good. However, I am instructed to point my DNS from Namecheap to an IP address where my site is hosted. As it is, I pointed my site to my host’s IP address from inside Cloudflare. That works. But can’t get SSL to add needed security for the site from their end. Any advise would be a blessing.

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