Domain verification via cloudflare failed

Please I’ve been trying to verify my domain ownership via cloudflare dns configuration for my site. Created the txt file with the verification code both on cloudflare dns and my domain server ( When I tried verifying, webmaster detected and read the txt record but still gives a verification error. Would be glad to get a little support to resolve this. I’m a beginner with these stuff though.

Your domain is not on Cloudflare, nameservers were confirmed on 10/25 but they are no longer pointing to Cloudflare, you need to contact your domain registrar and ask them to set the nameservers to the two shown on the DNS app of your cloudflare dashboard.

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Please I just pointed my nameservers back to my domain registrar today. That is why its no longer pointing to cloudflare. However, it had been pointed to cloudflare for about a week and I had my created the dns record for webmaster verification on cloudflare but it was not verifying. Search console could detect the record but wasn’t verifying. As you see in my screenshot

Understood & thank you. Unfortunately, with the site off cloudflare, it’s hard to troubleshoot. It could be a typo or trailing space in the record or…

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I will wait to trying using my domain registrar’s end to see if it solves it. Please I will give a feedback if it succeeds or fails

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Thanks for your support

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