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Hello! I use Sprout Social to schedule and post to my social channels. When I prepare post and want to use a photo not associated with a particular article I will be posting to Facebook, I receive a warning that Facebook wants me to verify my domain.

Facebook’s Business Manager then directs me to add a TXT record. All good so far.

Problem is I can’t add my domain (see screenshot) and I think that’s why I am having difficulty getting the link to paste in to the newly generated TXT record. Help!


How does this screen not let you add the domain?


Seems strange right? I type in my domain ‘’ and hit ‘add domain’ and nothing happens! The screen flashes and then the very same box with my domain entered reappears on the screen …


That’s why I am thinking I must have to make changes to my DNS record by adding the TXT first??


Thats something you need to clarify with Facebook then.


Ok thanks. I can’t figure out how to reach Facebook to get this resolved
… any ideas?


The TXT record might be something required for the verification but I dont think it would explain the behaviour you described.




I am going to verify my business another way - there looks like an option to upload my corporation documents to verify my corp registration number and my business address. I’ll try this.

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