Domain using NS from one account and other DNS from other

Hey there,

Initially we have 2 accounts on cloudFlare. Accidentlly I updated NS for my domain from Cloudflare Account 1 to Account 2 but it did started to point other DNS (A, AAA and CNAME) too.
Now, I changed the NS back to Accoun 1 which did work. But, the domain is still pointing to A-Record of Account 2. Even though, the it says “Moved” on Account’s Home Page.

Wondering if anyone can guide us

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Nameservers are assigned per domain, not per account. You need to identify the current nameservers assigned to that domain in the account you want it in and make sure those are set at your registrar.

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We have different NS for the same domain under both accounts.

Account 1:

Account 2:

Currently domain points to Account 1 Ns which is correct.

But the domain uses the other DNS records from Account 2 (where the domain is already marked moved).

Maybe I lack the knowledge, but all I want is for my domain to point to the DNS of Account 1 as it’s using the NS listed in Account 1.

You have Cloudflare proxy IPs set in Account 2 which is always going to be problematic. You have the hostnames :orange: in Account 1 which means that you will see Cloudflare proxy IPs returned for any queries.

Set the hostname that you want to test to :grey: DNS Only and you will be able to confirm whether you are receiving answers from Account 1.

You may want to review this short guide for a refresher on why you don’t see IPs change on :orange: proxied hostnames.

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Thanks for your help. I disabled the proxy and it seems to be serve from Account 1 which is what I wanted.
I will wait and confirm again after a couple of horurs before I will mark this ticket as resolve.
Thanks for your help.


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